RB73 Quaruba XL

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The Quaruba comes in 3 sizes (L, XL and XXL) and has the option of a mobile (on wheels) or standing on four legs. This is the XL that comes with four permanent solid legs, with a height of 95 cm it has beautiful high windows so you have a good view of the fire. The Quaruba model is a sturdy, robust wood stove with an industrial appearance for outdoor use.


Product Description

The Quaruba XL is made of 3mm CorTen steel and has a 2-meter flue, so you don't experience the ill effects of smoke on the porch. Moreover, it is furnished with a shut entryway so no smoke, flying debris and fire sparks on the porch. It is executable with one, two, three and even four choices of glass sides. Particularly with this most recent adaptation, you have an excellent perspective on the fire from all sides! Since there are air spoilers over every window, they stay pleasantly clean during use. The Quaruba has squared measurements giving it a particular look, and by its stature of 95 cm, it is ideal to fit in with your outdoor living. 

Items Included:

  • Fireproof bottom stones
  • 1x flue pipe diameter 150x2mm L=1000mm
  • 1x flue pipe diameter 150x2mm L=1000mm + control valve
  • Air spoiler above the window
  • Including rain hood

The Quaruba


The Biggest Outdoor Fire Pit In The Range

CorTen Design

The Quaruba model is a robust CorTen steel outdoor stove. The striking timeless design combines tight lines and surfaces with industrial accents. The sheet material is folded out on the connecting seams and all bolts and nuts are visible. The hardwood merbau parts (knobs and push-bar) not only provide beautiful details but are also very practical for operation because they do not get too hot.

Model XL is on of the most popular in the Quaruba fleet. With its viewing height of 95 cm, it’s a real eye-catcher on the terrace. Because of the large surface, you have a nice view of the flames. The Quaruba model is a sturdy, robust wood stove with an industrial appearance for outdoor use. The door closure is cleared between the door panel and the right leg. In addition, the platform can also be used as storage for the first stock of firewood.


The Quaruba XL makes such a statement to your garden and kicks out a good amount of heat to keep you warmer on the cooler nights. This model comes with the option to have between 1 and 4 sides of glass.

Easy To Manoeuvre

A study log burner that will stand the test of time.



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